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Dr. Roman Chyla


Roman is the system architect for ADS.

He is one of the librarians in our team: after working in a public library, he went on to earn his PhD in Information Science from the Charles University in Prague (working on an obscure system of automated content analysis, i.e. computers reading newspapers), a Marie Curie fellowship at CERN, and then 6 months as a postdoc at CfA (technology transfer from EU, yeah!). With him came what is now the core of the new ADS: the search engine, the query parser, citation searches, and other features that got developed later after he joined ADS fulltime in 2012. Roman designed and wrote major parts of our new infrastructure: the core of the API, microservices, the user interface (though not the visual part - fortunately for ADS users), and most recently the data processing pipeline that feeds the search.

rchyla [at]